Auditions are nerve wracking… for everyone.

Did you know that when you audition for a show, the people behind the table are REALLY happy that you are there? Do you have any idea how happy they are that you decided to take the risk to come out and show them what you’ve got? It’s a pretty big amount of dependency on their part to even hold the auditions, and believe me, they are really, very glad that you are there.

Auditioning is stressful – for everyone. But for the people who are behind the table, they are extremely nervous that you WON’T show up. Think about it, they’ve chosen a show, or been given a show to produce/direct/choreograph, etc. and they don’t know if the right people or ENOUGH people will walk through that door! When YOU walk through that door and bring in your positive attitude and your energy, they are excited to see you and very, very hopeful that you will be the answer to their dreams.

You could be the boy who can sing that one part of the song that is integral to the show. You could be the girl who can do the right amount of acrobatic movement to sell the big production number, or you could be the person who wants to work behind the scenes to make everything better for all the people involved in the show. And in reality – when you show them that glimmer of what makes you special – the “scary” people behind the table are absolutely THRILLED to have met you. They just can’t show it, because they are supposed to remain neutral until the whole process is resolved.

If you are lucky, you might hear some stories later on about how happy they were when you arrived, but in reality, you may never know how important you were to the production. Just always think that to yourself when you audition – “I am super important to this production. And I just need to show them that!”

If you do, you’ll be an asset to any show. I promise.

Why everyone should try an audition at some point.

“Everything you do, you still audition…” Putting It Together – Sondheim for B. Streisand

Everyone on the planet should audition for something at some point in their life. Everyone. And I think that everyone should take classes on how to audition and how to deal with the stress, nerves and anxiety of the audition space. Why? Because of what it teaches you and how you develop as a person from the experience.

Auditions are tough. Even when you’ve been at it for ages and you’ve won lots of great roles, it never stops being a difficult process. Top actors enjoy being at the top of their game because they start to get offers of roles without having to audition. Even the pros don’t enjoy it – because it is a really nerve wracking experience. But everyone should learn to do it, because everything in life is really an audition.


The obvious things are: the job interview, asking someone on a date, even shopping for a car… all of life’s experiences with other people are opportunities to leave a good impression and show others how you belong on their team. In the reverse, every little experience in life is a chance for you to audition someone else. For example: making new friends is an audition process.

Think about it – you meet them on the playground. You’ve been forced together into groups because you all meet the criteria of an age group or learning ability and you need to figure out where you fit. You try a joke – it doesn’t land. You sing a little song – one person knows the words and hates it (they aren’t on your team), while another person joins in the chorus (potential friend). You start to play a game and three of you know the rules, but have to iron out which script version you are going to use for the game… All of these are mini-auditions.

If we actually had everyone practice the skills of getting up in front of a group of judgemental strangers, (not because they are mean – it’s their job to judge you), and give them your all to impress, people might begin to consider their everyday moves and motives with a bit of a critical eye.

But more importantly, people will learn the best ways to audition. How to put that best foot forward. How to impress others. Why it is important to impress others and how to deal with the stress of that everyday judgement process.


Imagine how much easier the job interview/proposal/whatever would be, if you’d already practiced it?

Why you should (almost) always audition…

I’ve been on both sides of the audition table. I’ve done the bit where you are new and you try to break into the group, where you are experienced and hoping for a bigger role and when you are a known entity and are experienced enough to know that the community holds a dozen more like you who are just as hungry for the role.

I’ve also done the artistic team side of the table. I’ve done it when the cast is fed to you and you just need to decide where everyone fits. I’ve done it when you have a clear idea of who may be right for the part – and they may or may not decide to audition. I’ve waited in the “audition hall” hoping for the right new person to come in the door and knock our socks off so we can have an incredible production and I’ve been on that side of the table when not enough people have heard about the auditions or been inclined to show up to commit to the production. I’ve also been incredibly lucky and had the opportunity to see amazing people come through the door and had an incredible time debating over who is just right to create the magic we need for our show.

My message is clear on this though, AUDITION. Always audition.

When you have another commitment, but you really love the show – audition. They might need you and accommodate you.

When you LOVE the part, but are afraid they’ll choose someone else – audition. You might change their mind.

When you are afraid of the show/role/team/time (or whatever) – audition. You will almost never regret it.

When you are inexperienced, but think it could be fun – audition. You have nothing to lose and they might adore you beyond belief.

In short – don’t be afraid of the audition. I know it is terrifying. I’ve been there. Especially when there is a lot at stake. But even if you don’t win the role, you can OWN the room for a moment and take something from the experience on to the next audition.

Regardless, always go into the room thinking, “They need me.”

Cause it’s true.

Why the Big Bang girls owe their careers to Miss Piggy…

There are many trailblazers in the world of entertainment – especially for women. They take on new roles, challenge our understanding and break new ground in what is considered phenomenal.

Miss Piggy is one such trailblazer.

When she hit the screen in the 1970s, many actresses had limited choices in their creative output. The secretary, the wife, the sexpot or the matriarch. Miss Piggy came along and redefined all that it meant to be a woman. And now, I believe that the ladies of The Big Bang Theory have her to thank for her trailblazing performances. In fact, I think they owe their roles to her. And considering that their creator Bill Prady got his start with the Henson company, the connections seem even more inevitable.

Let’s examine them, shall we?

Penny: Beautiful, creative, sensitive/over dramatic, fashionista and looking for success.

Bernadette: Sweet, funny, delicate voice, ample bosom and can switch moods on a dime. She even scares some people.

Amy: Awkward, out of the loop, pining for her man.

Miss Piggy: Beautiful, creative, sensitive/over dramatic, fashionista and always looking for success.

Miss Piggy: Sweet, funny, delicate voice, ample bosom and can switch moods on a dime. We know she’s dangerous.

Miss Piggy: Awkward, out of the loop, pining for her man.

At least, she used to be… I guess we will see what Bill Prady and the team have cooked up for our Triple-Threat Diva as the new show comes to the air this fall! There can be no doubt that she will deliver the goods as only she can. Current and future actresses will need to take note of her character range so they can emulate her divine performances!

Will YOU be watching? You know you will.



10 Days of fun to come…. Join us!!!

Show Us Your Creative Side!!!

An Instagram Photo Challenge

TOP 10


We are thrilled to announce that we are starting a new creative challenge: The TLTDAY Top 10 Challenge on Instagram!

Since this is the first time we’ve created our own Instagram challenge, we’re starting with baby steps: a 10 day Instagram challenge right in the middle of March! The focus is creativity and the arts, and it’s going to be FUN!

Please put your Instagram name in the comments if you want to join in, so we can follow you and others can follow you, too!

Use the hashtag #top10challenge so everyone can find you! Show us your creativity… anything goes! Oh… and there’s a prize too!

Read on for more details and how to get in on the fun!



March 13: Very Superstitious
Inspired by a favourite song by Stevie Wonder, since we’re starting on Friday the 13th, show us something superstitious. Rituals, your rehearsal process, ghosts, a lucky talisman…

March 14: Inspiring Words
Stories, monologues, speeches… what gets your mojo flowing?

March 15: Lights, Camera, Acting!
We’re leaving this one intentionally vague. Show us what you can do!

March 16: Play It, Sam
Share your favourite play or film, maybe a quote… or misquote!

March 17: Your Lucky Charm
It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so let’s share the luck o’ the Irish! Share something lucky! Could be an object, a person, a place… bonus points if it’s green!

March 18: Something To Fight For!
Put up your dukes! Show us something worth fighting for. A cause, a friend, a role, or even a real (or “reel”) life fight!

March 19: And The Award Goes To…
Share your favourite actor/actress/performer, living or not, award-winning or not! Why are they your favourite, and what award should they win?

March 20: Dress Rehearsal
Time to put on your best dress! Show us your costumes, dress up, cosplay… let’s see those fancy pants!

March 21: Sing! Sing A Song!
Today’s all about music. Show us your favourite singer, lyrics from your favourite song, images from your favourite musical… or get brave and make us a video of you singing or playing music!

March 22: Closing Night
Party time… it’s a celebration! In honour of Kerry’s birthday, let’s throw an Insta-party! Confetti, tunes and party hats are HIGHLY encouraged!

How do I get in on the fun?
You should definitely save the image above — or like it on Instagram (follow The Lovers, The Dreamers and You on Instagram at @tltday)  — so you have a reminder of the prompts. Then use the prompts to inspire you! Take photos, upload them to Instagram, and be sure to tag them with #top10challenge!  If you are not on Instagram, then join in the fun on Twitter! We’re @LoversDreamersU

You can also follow anyone from the TLTDAY team on Instagram, they are:




How do I get the most out of this experience?
You will get so much out of the #top10challenge if you reach out to others participating: like and comment on their pictures, and add them as friends! Write something meaningful as your caption too. Share your creativity with images AND words!

What if I miss a day?
No worries! Just catch up whenever you can.

Can I post the challenge graphic on my Instagram?
Yes, of course! That way you’ll have it to refer back to. Don’t forget the hashtag!

Did you say something about a prize?
Yessir! We will be awarding a special surprise prize (ha ha!) to one of our favourite photos during the #top10challenge! The prize winner will be chosen at the end of the challenge, and eligibility is worldwide. The more photos you post, the better chance you have of winning!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!
Follow along with us at @tltday on Instagram!

Podcast #17 with Special Guests Ceris Thomas & Kerry Hishon!

Well here we are again….

Life gets busy and takes us away from things we’d like to share with you, our listeners. But today, Kerry Hishon and I are here to talk about things that inspire us, things that we love and the struggle to keep those things going when life gets busy.

Since you last heard from us the team has done a variety of exciting things… We’ve directed and performed in a bunch of shows, made puppets, created art, some of us moved house, just a whole bunch of creative things that kept us from this creative thing.

But we love doing the podcast so much, so we are back again and we have a plan in place to keep us coming back… so we are hoping that you will continue to tune in and tell us what you think.

We’ve missed you. See you soon.


Miss Piggy’s MTM Fantasy Sequence: Stop the Adorableness!

Oh Miss Piggy… do you ever stop fantasizing and imagining how perfect your life is?

No, of course you don’t. And why would you, when you are so good at it?

Miss Piggy’s dream sequence in Muppets Take Manhattan (1984) is really superb in the level of fantasy that she creates. It is so excellent that it made her, (and all of her friends), look younger than they’d every looked before – or since! This dream sequence introduced us to the wonderful Muppet Babies, who, for many fans of the Muppets were the first real, lasting introduction to our felted friends.

It is surprising to realize that there is a sort of generation gap between the fans who watched early Sesame Street and the Muppet Show in real time with those who began their watching with Muppet Babies – but it is true and very interesting to me. I think it can somewhat explain how fans who go to the trouble of ranking their favourite Muppet films, (as I do) choose as they do. What you most connect with and what is your entry point into the Muppets can leave a lasting impression that you might not even register consciously.


When the Muppet Babies first appeared, I was not particularly enamoured of them. I felt they were a bit of a ploy to sell merchandise and I was actually worried that it would mean I’d see less of my beloved muppet friends. Over the years, however, this particular dream sequence has grown on me, for a number of reasons. The performances are great, the puppets are adorable and when I consider what it must have taken to manipulate the smaller puppets, I am even more impressed. Plus, there’s the inside jokes of Kermit riding a tricycle in prep for his later bicycle exploits, Piggy starting life with little purple gloves and Rowlf playing with a stuffed Big Bird.

The sequence also doesn’t age, which in and of itself is kinda funny, but it really doesn’t and it shows how Piggy, (and her writers and handlers), chose wisely in writing and structuring the sequence. They look great, they sound great and the sentiment has stood the test of time – Piggy certainly seems like she will always Love Kermit. She has definitely fulfilled the Movie Star portion of that lyrical promise!

Watch it, and enjoy!

Podcast #16 Post Avenue Q debrief on the 401

After a MUCH too long hiatus, we are back with a reflective podcast on the production of Avenue Q that Matt and Ceris saw in Toronto. Don’t worry, Matt was on the recording controls so Ceris could focus on the drive.

Listen in, and comment on our plans for the future as the team hopes to not be away from the airwaves quite so long!



Miss Piggy’s Water Ballet

Miss Piggy’s beauty is undeniable. Mostly because, if you deny it, you get hurt by the Pig. But in this sequence, she really imagines a most elaborate showcase of her beauty. An Esther Williams inspired Water Ballet that would put any old Hollywood producer to great shame.

Frank Oz commented on the shooting of this sequence…

“The water ballet scene with Miss Piggy was really wonderful. I was under the water for a week. I had three days of scuba training and then down I went. Having them swim for the first time really was exciting!” Source: Muppet Wikia –


This whole dream sequence is one of my favourites. I think it stems from the fact that Miss Piggy is fantasizing about everyone’s love for her. It’s all about her. The way it should be.

It all starts with Piggy having to replace a model in the swimsuit section of a fashion show. Perfectly plausible, right? Of course right. Especially when she’s being set up for a frame job by the major criminals of the caper – but you’ll need to watch the whole film for those details.

So, the incandescent Pig enters the stage, (much to the chagrin of the designer and her boss, Lady Holiday), but the crowd goes wild. Hog wild! (sorry, I had to…) Or at least that’s what we are led to believe. That’s one of the great things about Miss Piggy’s fantasies, we are never sure what IS real and what is imagined by the Pig. But her confidence in her fantasy is such that we see what the Divine Swine imagines the world feels about her – and then, we end up feeling that way about her. Talk about the power of suggestion!

Happiness, Miss Piggy

One Caress, Miss Piggy

All the world ever wanted way YOU! A dream come true….

What ensues is an elaborate water ballet, that you just have to witness to truly appreciate. I think my favourite moment is the insert of Kermit and Charles Grodin who are “apparently” fighting over her affections. The true tenor of Kermit’s voice gets me every time.

And then…. and then…. well, it ends badly for our heroine. And we see the crowd jump to their feet – not in adoration, but concern. So, I’m always thinking… how much can this gal cram into her imagination in a matter of seconds? It’s pretty amazing what goes on in that brain. At what point did they stand? And where does that actually fit in her fantasy sequence?

Ah, who cares? Watch it. It’s awesome.

Check out the design of her swimming costume…. I need personal designers… Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?


Miss Piggy’s Dream Sequence(s): First in a series

Miss Piggy has a tradition of grand dream sequences. Perhaps because her life is a dream? Or because she lives in a dream world? Who cares, really? What’s important is that she has the most fascinating fantasy life. And I’d like to explore that a bit.

Let’s start this series with her first, and possibly most romantic fantasy sequence in film, from The Muppet Movie (1979).


This is the elaborate dream sequence that is accompanied by her phenomenal love song: Never Before, Never Again, written by Paul Williams and Kenny Ascher. She has just won the Ms Bogen County Beauty Pageant and as she begins her acceptance speech, she happens to spy within the vast crowd the Frog of her Destiny – Kermit the…. Her eyes sparkle with adoration and she begins. Big intake of breath and…

Never before….. have two souls joined so freely and so fast…

She launches into the world of her fantasy where she and her Frog are placed in romantic locales and situations. They harken back to great love stories and show us that the Pig has a really vivid imagination. First off, they are running through a meadow towards each other. Piggy tosses aside her basket of wildflowers to run to Kermit. They wrap each other in a warm embrace and then continue travelling in the direction she was going. Kermit is only slightly perplexed at their momentum. The soft focus only adds to the dewy romanticism of their situation.

Next up, the Frog and Pig spend an afternoon on a pond. Rowboat, parasol and period clothing to match the mood. Kermit decides to remove his stand-up collar blue striped shirt, etc. to go for a dip when they pause near a secluded waterfall and Piggy, in her eyelet gown, watches. I gather she didn’t want to swim this time – she saves that for another dream sequence.

Next, Piggy and Kermit have a chance meeting in the fog under a lamppost. She is swathed in furs and he is in his classic trench coat. Simple and evocative. It’s about 14 seconds of film, but it says so much.

Finally, we see them running through another field. They are near a stream or lake. Piggy is complete in her “wench” attire with mop cap and stays, and Kermit is dashing in his poet shirt. They end their joyful romp by snuggling down under the shade of a tree with flowers for their bed. It is the epitome of romance.

The capper to this fantasy is another one of their many wedding sequences. Miss Piggy has had many gowns in her time – and is sure to have more, but this one is a statement in lovely delicacy. Drops of lace surround her pretty porcine face and the flowers are soft pink and white. Kermit looks splendid in his cravat and top hat as they are whisked away on her imagined honeymoon. The details of their getaway are splendid with rice tossed in the air, ribbons and cans and shoes tied to the car and the licence plate reading “I DO 2″.

This sequence really stands the test of time, even though the original impact of the humour may have softened over the years, (much like the soft focus of the filming), it still punctuates and describes their relationship and really sets the standard by which all dream sequences should be judged – whether they include Miss Piggy or some other starlet.

It also serves to give ideas for romantic locations and rendesvous. Go for a run in a meadow – it’s free and you will enjoy it, if the Frog and the Pig are any judge at all.

I don’t know if the message is that we are all supposed to have such a rich fantasy life, or if our fantasies should be as detailed as hers, or if the message is rather, stay focused on your goal and one day it will come to you. She’s still working on snaring that Frog! As we look at other dream sequences, we may discover overt and covert themes. One thing I do know, is the Pig demands an extensive and beautiful wardrobe. So, I’m asking designers out there, why aren’t there lines of clothing for the rest of us that match this quality?

Check it out for yourself at the link below, and imagine, like I do, how much fun it must have to been to write, create, film and edit that sequence?